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Tourmaline Self-heating Therapy Neck Support 1 pc

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  • Tourmaline Self-heating Therapy Neck Support 1 pc

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Tourmaline Self-heating Therapy Neck Support 1 pc

9 in stock
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  • Model: Neck-II

    Material: Neopren,Elastic,Spandex,Netting special
    Color: Black, Beige
    Size: One Size
    Qty's: 1pc
    Functions: The product of new material heating by own , not take any electricity .


    • This product suitable for the adult arthritis, rheumatism arthritis, Varicose veinrheumatoid arthritis, joint soft tissue injury,
    • hyperosteogeny bone hyperplasia. The warm body chills embolism therapy.
    • Increasing microcirculation ease pain and dispelling cold ,dredging the channel ,Boost your body
    • Easily assembled‚ carried‚ and stowed away
    • Convenient for use on a desk or in your lap
    • Built-in clips for holding your art work


    • Self heating, help to keep warm
    • Magnetic therapy
    • Improve micro-circulation, adjust metabolism
    • Eliminate inflammation
    • Keep spinal cord and waist flexible when participating sports
    • Provide protection and support
    • Help for healing and prevention of sporting injuries

    How to use

    • If your skin is sensitive, simply surrounding the wrap around the area you would apply; otherwise apply a small amount of water via a damp cloth or sponge to the middle of the wrap (the side that comes into contact with the skin) 
    • It can be worn directly against the skin or over a thin piece of clothing for the best results, depending on different type of skin
    • After 30 minutes of use the heat will start to be generated by the wrap
    • Take off the wrap if it becomes too hot. The scorching hot pain will disappear within a few minutes

    Care and Storage

    • To clean, use a damp cloth and wipe gently.  Soaped water can be used but don’t  use bleach or washing powder
    • Do not soak in water
    • Store in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight

    Do not use if.......

    • You are pregnant
    • The skin is damaged in any way
    • You have heart problems or a pacemaker
    • Suffer from hypertension
    • If you are in any doubt, you should seek medical advice before use

    NOTE: This product is in use process, not all the people will feel hot, because this is according to the skin of the individual, although is some people won't feel hot, but the product is still at work!