The definition of A99:

- A stands for "Grade A"
- 99 stands for continuous effort and improvement

A99 is the No. 1 online golf store that provides you the best quality golf products at the most competitive prices.

We started in 2003 as a small group of 30 people, where we designed and sold golf bags. For the following two years, we were ambitious to expand our little business into something big. In 2005, A99 was established. Not only did we sell golf bags, we also started selling clubs, golf balls, accessories, and more! Since then, we set our goal to be the best online golf store.  

Today, we sell an even wider range of products. Not only do we sell golf products, we sell electronics, everyday-wear apparel, and more! 

Headquarter based in Toronto, we also have branch office in Los Angels and Dong Guan China, with fiver warehouse acroos USA and three warehouses across Canada, our China factory and warehouse server the whole word, especially ship to Europ and other countries directly.

Aside from our shop, we are also proud to say A99 has contributed to charitable events and fundraisers, such as Sick Kids Foundation