A99 Golf Wedge Tees Mix Color 50pcs

Regular price $11.01

Model: Wedge Tee 50

Length: 2 3/4" (70mm)
Color: Mixed Color
Material: Plastic
QTY: 50pcs

We all know there are wedge tees, and unfortunately there are wedge tees,... that's right the kind that break when you look at them. Well rest assured that the Harpoon Wedge tee is made from a durable plastic composite material that is made to last.


  • 70mm Long Body is designed for the big dog driver
  • Taper tip design allows for easy insertion
  • Engineered head designed to maximise strength without compromising distance
  • Made from plastic composite durable material
  • Packed in zip lock plastic bags so they don't get lost in your golf bag

Tee it up, and let it rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wedge-tee-24_01.jpg  Wedge-tee-50_02.jpg