A99 Golf E-BW Golf Ball Finder Glasses with Moulded Case

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Model: E-BW

Color: Black White Frame

A99 Golf Eagle Eye golf ball finder glasses are ideal for retrieving lost golf balls on the course. By Filtering out unwanted sunlight, bright objects such as white or yellow golf balls stand out in your vision, thus make locating them much easier. The Eagle Eye golf ball finder glasses make your game more enjoyable by reducing the time spent on searching for lost balls.


This range finder in theory filters the color of surrounding green area to yellowish-brown, which in result increases the color contrast between the balls and the environment, and ultimately guides golfers in searching their lost golf balls.

Note: This range finder does not imply object see-through abilities; balls need to be within the finder’s view.


  • Designed for finding lost golf balls
  • UV protection
  • Flexible and comfortable

Note: This glassfinder works very well if there is green grass, while if there is yellow or light color leavels fall down every where, it won't change the enviroment a lot then make it a big difference comparing with white golf ball.

The golf ball finder glasses only works when part of the ball can be seen through the gap of grass leaves, if the ball was blocked throughly by the rough grasses, please be noted the finder won't work like an ultrasonic machine - it won't help you see through the grass leaves.


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