What Are Golf Hitting Mats And How To Purchase Them?

What are golf hitting mats?

A golf hitting mat is exactly what it sounds like, a mat on which you can hit & practice your swing. However, there are several different clubs that you're going to use, several different swings you can take, and practice mat designed for each possible combination. If you have ever been to a driving range or out to play a round of 18, you have probably seen those green square mats setup at the range.

Structure of golf practice mats

For practice at home (or the office), there is even golf hitting mats available in the market. There is a bit more variation in the materials of construction that you can find when comparing products. Most of these hitting mats are either made of:

100% Nylon

100% Polyethylene

100% Polypropylene

Size of the practice mats is also a big factor. These mats can vary greatly in their size. Generally, if you are considering the golf hitting mats from the same manufacturer, you will pay some extra bucks for a large size. But, what size of mats is suitable for you depends on where you want to place your mat.

How long do they last?

The best quality golf mats come with a warranty, but be careful to look at the warranty details as they will cover different parts of the mat. Typically, the best warranty covers a date for at least 7-10 years.

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