Welcome 2nd time EBay power seller coming!


Welcome 2nd time EBay power seller coming! So excited! Late Sept 2011, after so many day and night hard working, our “temporarily good-bye” EBay power selling title comes back! Our 1st time power seller title earned 1year ago, keep going with that title for almost 1year.
Since 1999 start EBay selling, our online business keep growing! Accompany with the going up tide, you cannot image how much frustration, falling down experience took place, EBay is very powerful stage for marketing, the competition over there also is so much big! EBay don’t care sellers much, as they attract enough sellers all around the world to sell on it. There is so many all kinds of rules/policies, you have to be careful – not to offend EBay, any time EBay may suspend your account without any excuse!
After so many frustration, we are getting mature and stronger day by day.
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