It has been another great week for A99 Golf. Through the week we met up with the owner of Golf4Cash ( ) to discuss a business relationship, and have come out with a great partnership. A99 will be sponsoring many of the tournaments held by Golf4Cash, many of which myself and the owner of A99 may be making an appearance at. Not only will we be involved in this aspect of the company, but we will also be merchandising many of our high quality, stylish products for our same great prices on their site, all of which will have a percentage of the sales given to the Golf4Kids charity.
Only having created this business relationship Saturday, we sure jumped into it quickly. On Sunday at 2:30 at Eagles Nest golf course, we sponsored the Golf4Kids tournament, where $880 was raised for underprivileged children to be able to take part in activities such as golf. We donated bags to all of the players, a coupon for the site for 15% off any purchases, as well as a hundred dollar gift card for to the winner of a par 3.
Here we have a picture of the winners of the par 3 at this weekend’s golf4kids event.