Carry Your Clubs Easily Anywhere With Golf Club Travel Bags
Golf travel is fun, whether it’s a quick weekend trip to a warm destination in the winter or it’s a long trip to a cooler climate in the middle of the summer. You can’t take your clubs in the airplane cabin, so they have to go in the hold and put your investment in the hands of baggage handlers. If you’re going to travel with your clubs it is necessary for you to protect your clubs with a quality golf travel bag.

There are usually two categories of golf club travel bags– hardcover and soft cover. Which should you choose?

Hardcover golf bags: One of the best investments that avid golfers can make is a hardcover golf bag. The hard bags are solid outside to protect from bumps and drops, but also have a soft interior cover to cushion your clubs. The inside fabric should be high quality, flexible and provide some storage space around all of the clubs.

Soft Cover golf bags: For those games with driving distance, a hardcover may not be the best choice to keep your clubs. These soft bags are usually the best option for golfers who don’t travel long distances. These bags come with enough space for storing a carting bag as well as having rollers that make it easy to pull them where you want to go.

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