A99 Novice
As a beginner being introduced to the fascinating sport of golf, there is of course much to be learnt by myself still. Whilst the basics such as; the different types of golf clubs, balls and accessory equipment that make golfing experience all the more entertaining, need very little prior knowledge to learn and remember, the true joy of the sport was experienced only when I first struck the golf ball with a stroke I was proud of.

It is a very safe sport with less injuries associated with it, and yes, golf can be initiated at a relatively young age and continued all the way into retirement as a recreation sport due to less physical stress. Of course competitions are extremely viable in the progression of skill levels and will be an area that I will pursue once I have reached a better level of competence. Once again, as I am still currently a beginner in the sport, I am still pursuing for technical excellence to better myself.

A99 International Inc. was instrumental in my interest and exploration into golf by providing me with a source of equipment and guidance in forms of events which is organized regularly with constant notifications so I do not miss out on any opportunities provided. The equipment have been loyal to me and have given me a great everlasting impression of the brand in the world of golf and the organizers of the events are extremely passionate about their field which can only be outdone by their expertise. I cannot recommend each event enough for each banquet of skills and knowledge it provides for both the recreational and competitive players.

I cannot begin to explain my urge to pursue the sport further at a higher level and I ask you to follow me on my journey! Till next time!