A99 Mall Introduces Extra Soft Golf Practice Ball At Good Competitive Rates

A99 Mall manufacturer of premium golf balls, clubs and accessories- today unveils the new extra soft golf practice ball, available now at their website a99golf.com.

The practice balls are much lighter and softer, meaning that it slows down, the quicker and only travels about 30-50% of the distance of a proper golf ball. These features make them ideal practice ball for all kinds of shots. The practice balls are ideal for beginners as these balls highlight a poor swing path and open/closed club face. Undoubtedly, these balls are the best practice golf balls available on the market.

“After performing for a long time for players at all skill levels, we’ve learned that golfers have different needs, preference as well as budgets too,” says the spokesperson. “Practicing with these balls give the golfer a chance to improve their game and offer more flexibility.” It definitely makes it easier to practice and improve your game if you make use of training aids like a good golf practice ball regularly.

Separating the A99 from all other ball manufacturers is the company’s unique and proven approach to new product development. In addition to golf practice balls, A99 designs a diverse portfolio of golf balls to meet the needs of all player performance characteristics, including floater balls, crystal balls, air flow balls, PU balls and much more. More information on all varieties of balls is available at a99mall.com.

About A99 Mall

A99 Mall is based in Canada and USA, offers a premium range of golf balls, clubs, and accessories at the most competitive rates. The company started offering golf accessories in 2003, and as the leading manufacturer expand their little business into something big in 2005. Now not only they offer golf products, but also deal in electronics, everyday-wear apparel, and more!


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