A99 introducing the rainbow foam balls!

Have you ever been trapped in the situation of unintentionally breaking items with your hard and heavy floater balls and receiving unnecessary bills for the replacement? A99 is here to tell you: Don’t worry! A99 rainbow foam balls will solve your problem! Our rainbow foam balls not only holds its outstanding appearance in comparison to regular floater balls, its light weight and soft material also allows “soft plays”, even hitting it with your max strength won’t hurt a thing! Now available on A99 online store !

Model: Rainbow Foam/Sponge Practice Balls

Swing Problems Can be Magnified

Practice balls travel less distance than normal balls, but they still mimic the flight of a regular ball. This applies to both foam and plastic practice balls. If you are hooking or slicing a shot, then it will be more noticeable. It is also easy to see if the ball went straight or flew to the left or right. This is one of the main advantages of using practice balls — plus the fact that you don’t have to walk hundreds of yards to pick the balls up.


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