A99 Golf Range Finder

Hi everyone, it`s been a great week, and as usual, I`m glad to be back 🙂
So I`m sure many of you have heard of A99`s Golf Range Finder, a neat device that easily lets you see how far you are from your flag. To use, you simply turn it on, look through the eyescope and press a few buttons. When you look through the eyescope it will show you a few lines, one which you line up with the ground, one with the flag pole, and one that moves when you push the button. When everything is aligned properly and you line up the moveable line with the top of the flag, you will know your distance, in yards, from the flag.

A99 is happy to announce we have range finders for only $35! Especially compared to the competitors prices, this is quite the deal.

Just see the comparisons here!

Source By:-http://bit.ly/2DDTJ4I


Just see the comparisons here!

A99 Golf Range Finder:($35.99)

Competitors Range Finder($149.88):

Competitors Range Finder ($419.99):

Handy to use, insuring a much more accurate game, and with it`s compact size, you`ll be sure to not leave this range finder behind on your next golf trip!