A99 Golf in summer – let the golf boom!

Hi all Golfers! This is A99 Golf! We’ve recently been so busy as the demand and request for our A99 golf products have been increasing along with our summer temperature! The weathers are nice, the sun shines… every one will love to go out home and have a swing!

And now, with this summer golf-boom, more and more phone calls are coming with the inquiries with our golf products, moreover, some of our best selling products are almost out of stock online! Just today we received a phone call ordering our C8 golf bag! We’ve also seen a lot of costumers coming in store asking for outdoor golf equipments such as UV ray protective sleeves, sunhat, different tees and golf balls, etc!

With this such high demand in our product, A99 is now facing a route to innovation! We have many newly listed product such as the T02 travel cover blue aimed for a work- professional style, it has got built-in name card holder and shoulder strap for easy carries, the bottom part is supported by a double-wheeled base so that golfers can drag them along the road:

We also took new photos of our colorful wedge tees , these tees are very popular among the costumers from US, seems like everyone would like a bit of rainbow at their golf course  :) 

Just about yesterday, one of our colleagues also took some nice photo for our multi-functional tees, she said these tees may seem like normal wedge tees, but the little plastic clip that came with them really did a lot of help in supporting the tees on the grass, she also commented on how the heights can be adjusted depending on personal needs which is very useful!

Source By : http://bit.ly/2G2t4E6