A99 Golf brings your golf life to some new artistic elements!

Hello golfers! A99 is here today to talk about the ‘evolution’ of one of our tiny but crucial tool for golfing : the golf tees!

Ever since very early ages, golfers have been using a stick to have the golf balls hold onto for a perfect swing. Even in recent days all we can see in golf courses are coloured stick tees, coloured wedge tees, coloured rubber tees, etc. With such a free DIY-able golf tool all we could do is to change the colours? Come on, not quite of a good promotion :/

But now, for those golfers whom holds an artistic trait, these simple formed stick tees may not longer be satisfying them. And to solve this issue, A99 is here to introduce the newly formed golf tees!


Model: A99 Golf Caddy Girl Tee (3pcs)

Material: Plastic

Length: 3″/7.5cm

Weight: 0.18lb

Package: 3pcs

  • Dedicated for those whom loves to have a pretty lady to hold their golf balls

Model: Brush Tee II

Meterial: Plastic
Two Color: Yellow, Pink
Two Size: 70mm (2.75in)
Packing: 4pcs/set


  • A unique tee that supports golf balls with nylon bristle brushes.
  • The bristles creates minimum brushes for the ball and therefore has minimum deflection.


Model: Magnet Tees

Color: Random(Red, Blue)
Quantity: 8pcs


  • Tee meets no resistance on impact and is easy to stick on and off
  • Using magnet, the tee meets so few resistance the ball can fly amazingly farther than usual
  • Magnet golf tees are far from being lost away because of the detaching head, which is made of magnet, connected by string
  • It has good durability and economical efficiency

After reading the above newly designed golf tees, are you interested in having them in your golf bag and golf course? No problem! Visit a99golf.com and you will get them as soon as possible! 

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