A99 Golf Balls – Floaters

Hello all of our devoted customers at A99 Golf  Although the golf season has passed over, of course all of us dedicated golfers still have it on our minds! From thinking of what kind of new golf gear we want for Christmas, to daydreaming about when we get to use it all, golfing is the first thing in many of our thoughts. I`m sure most of us have heard of floating golf balls, and as we have noticed at A99, a lot of people seem to find them to be a great gift idea this Christmas!
Of course as we all know, ponds at golf courses are not at all a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, unlike the sandpits that are also a nuisance, these ponds gobble up our golf balls without a sign of remorse! Expensive or cheap, one or a dozen, every single ball we hit into these ponds is one less ball we can call ours, one more ball we have to buy, one more dollar we must spend, and over the years, our investments in golf balls alone most definitely add up! Fortunately, floating golf balls make these ponds no more harmless than the water in our baths. Hit every ball into the ponds, and all that you will get is clean golf balls!
Here at A99, we not only have these golf balls, but have MANY in stock. Also, knowing how unfortunate it would be to mix up your floaters with your regular golf balls, and end up losing yet another golf ball to the treacherous swamp at your golf course, we have inscribed each with their own little logo, indicating that they are, indeed, your floating golf balls.


So before you daydream any longer of what you want for Christmas this year, or what to get your family who also golf`s, or even just what to buy yourself  consider these floating golf balls. So instead of being unhappy that you lost yet another favourite, expensive, golf ball, make these your favourite golf balls and consider it a long term investment.

To purchase these floaters, simply copy this url into your browser:


You won`t be disappointed 
-Nyla Stormy, A99 Golf Spokes Model

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